Alessandro Pezzoli dr.

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Research in Hydrology, Marine Engineering, Marine Navigation, Meteorology, Oceanography and Meteorology Applied to Economy and Sport. Strong expertise in Bio-Meteorology and Bio-Climatology. Adjunct Professor with tenure (Senior Lecturer A) in Meteo-Hydrology Risk Assessment for the MSc in Geography and in Weather Risk Management for the MBA in Environmental Ec. 100 publications in National and International Journals, in National and International Conference included the Thesis and the Research

Estudios académicos

  • (Doctorado) PhD Meteorology and Oceanography, University of Toulon, France


italiano, inglés, francés

Áreas de conocimiento

Servicios ambientales, Salud, Economía, Deportes, Deportes(Industria a evaluar), Servicios ambientales(Industria a evaluar), Turismo(Industria a evaluar)

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Ealuation research project in Ecuador in Italy